Photos provided by Night Flyer Golf

Rules & Regulations

Each event will vary but we have created a list of suggested rules and guidelines for your event. Please let us know if you have other suggestions that we are missing.
Here are some suggested ideas to help insure the enjoyment of your golfers and help you with the process.
Get Golfers there at least 1 hour in advance
Lost ball: 1 stroke from where it went out. Do not return to where ball was hit from
3 minutes to look for lost ball. 1 stroke penalty and drop where you think that the ball was lost.
Golfers are very concerned that the scoring is done properly. Everybody wants to win. Make sure that you have a clear scoring system in place and that every golfer understands the process.
Score should be turned in the second golfers are down with their round to designated person
Have designated person positioned clearly where golfers return
Consider real time scoring
3 strokes over par then pick up
You must level out the playing field. Everyone wants to feel like they have a chance to win.
If it is a serious event then we encourage a handicapping system in place.
Ideally USGA Handicaps apply.
If someone does not have a handicap, ask their average score.
You can offer flights. A, B & C with 1st and 2nd in each flight.
If it is not a serious event then a scramble format works fine.
The worst thing ever for golfers is slow play. You want to make sure that you finish your event in a timely manner and, most importantly, that golfers are not waiting to hit the ball. Here are some suggestions how to keep up the pace of play.

Encourage fast play and ready golf

  • Do not spend much time looking for lost balls
  • Have volunteers looking for balls hit outside the fairway
  • Carts help play faster
  • Course Rangers keep everyone moving
  • The tougher the course the slower the play
  • No more then 2 teams on each hole at the start